Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ncat "Network Swiss Army Knife"

Ncat "netcat"

.       .       
   } 6 6 {        
  ==. Y ,==       
    /^^^\  .      
   /     \  )     
  (  )-(  )/     _
  -""---""---   / 
 /   Ncat    \_/  
(     ____        

        allows users to read and write data across the network from the command line.
ncat, was originally written for the nmap project. Ncat uses both TCP and UDP protocol technologies for communication. Ncat was designed to be a reliable tool for "back-end" application to instantly provide network connectivity to other applications and users.
With the ability to chain mulitple ncat(s) together, we can do a multitude of things, like DIY web servers, and DIY web proxies, DIY file transfer, and you can build on top of it fairly easily with your favorite front-end development enviroment.
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