Thursday, March 21, 2013

Captain Crunch

John T Draper - Captain Crunch

I remember reading about this guy when I was younger, in many [whitepapers] like phrack and misc. e-zines of the past which can still be found floating around random file-servers everywhere worldwide.

Born in 1943, John Draper, a.k.a "Captain Crunch", a legendary "Phone Phreak" and computer programmer, was driving his Volkswagen Microbus.  Testing his new pirate radio transmitter, he broadcasted a telephone number to his listeners to gauge the stations reception, this resulted in a phone call from Denny Terisi. Terisi, and fellow phreaks wanted John to build a multifrequency tone generator, which later became known as the "blue box". The blue box was used to gain entry into AT&T Telephone System which was then at the time, controlled by tones.

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