Sunday, February 16, 2014

Free rap beats, and other instrumentals! come freestyle! -gocyberpunk


Free Rap Beats
composed by me.

Yes its been some time since my last post but hey.. Its another Michigan winter and its definitely been a hard one. Freezing pipes, thousand dollar electric bills... You could say I've been busy, Most of my spare time i've been taking out my frustrations in the soundlab creating hip-hop instrumentals and posting them to youtube for free, I love free rap beats and instrumentals.. I love catching a buzz and sitting around with my homies/family, and spitting a freestyle or two, or maybe come up with a whole new song!

We shall push forward through the winter only 33 more days until spring! (lets hope this comes with warmer weather). Stir crazy, some would say, caused me to Invent all kinds of little rigged up doohickeys and gadgets that i've disassembled and reassembled in my spare time. Spending a lot of time trying to learn about SEO, and how to get my million views or so.. (being hopeful). I noticed one day that a ton of the instrumentals that I listen to on youtube have like 8 million views! Thats Insane! well since I haven't been able to afford a new condenser mic for my sound lab, I have a ton of instrumentals that I have created and no way to put the vocals to them, then the idea struck me! Give them away for free! whats better than free?
lol, well aside from the advertisements that I have set up on my websites, I am asking absolutely nothing for my instrumentals.

Working third shift has been hell... trying to find rest has been difficult.
my instrumentals sound dark. almost Horror-core, but I love Music either way.

So if you are looking to kick a dope freestyle and get your video featured on my Site then please take the time and visit either our youtube channel at

or check out the instrumentals on our site at 13TheUnderground.

thanks for all your support


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